Custom Door Panels

Custom Door Panels completely transform the look of your ride.  With Custom door panels we can design them for any style desired.  Whether you want to add switches, speakers, handles, armrests, etc… we can fabricate it for you!  Updating your door panels is a service we provide regularly. If your door panels are loose or ripped or falling apart, we can repair and rebuild them.  We build custom door panels that last the test of time.

Custom Fiberglass Door Panels

Inphase Custom Upholstery provides the craftsmanship to get the look you want.  We have built Custom door panels for over 20 years and have a strong passion for custom paneling.  The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing the panels.  Our Custom Fiberglass door panels can be painted or wrapped in whichever material you select.  Stop by the shop today for FREE estimates and consulation.

  • Original Hardware can be used.
  • Doors remain on vehicle for entire time.
  • Custom panels built to last.

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