Headliner replacement can make your car feel new again.  If the headliners color is faded or if the headliner is sagging, it may be time to replace the headliner.  We can repair and replace headliners on cars, trucks, SUVs, semi trucks, hotrods, and classic cruisers.  Don’t let your headliner sag and touch your head anymore, replace the headliner with Inphase Custom Upholstery today!

Custom upholstered Headliner

Headliner replacement is a simple and cost effective solution to renew the all-around look and feel of your interior.  The options are endless when it comes to picking a material and color.  Custom Suede Leather or Custom Leather is a popular headliner material option, it instantly modernizes the vehicles look.  Simple headliner replacement is also a popular option and it effectively retains the headliners factory OEM style.  When we remove the old headliner, we have the ability to customize and add or modify the headliners interior lighting.  Updating the lighting to LED lighting or adding additional lighting the Headliner is a speciality at Inphase Custom Upholstery and Interior.  Custom Headliner Upholstery requires skilled experience and proper tools, feel free to call us for a Free estimate.  402-896-5826


  • Upgrade your Headliner to Suede Leather
  • Update your Interiors Lighting at the same time
  • Finish your Classic car projects with us


Headliner repair can be performed on both older and newer vehicles.  Our consultation and estimates are free.  The Headliner repair services pertain to rips, cuts, stains, and impressions on the headliner.  Headliner replacement can be serviced if the headliner you have is beyond headliner repair.  Stop by the shop in Millard for a quick FREE estimate today.